August 5, 2019

Beat Saber Tournament

VertigoVR - Beat Saber tournament

On the 19th of August, VertigoVR are asking for you to show them your rhythm and light saber skills to win some prizes!

Entry cost is £15 per person and you can buy a practice session addon when you buy your ticket for £10 (Half price on our normal offering)

Tournament Format:
Tournament play will consist of 3 qualifier rounds followed by a top 8 knockout tournament.
The qualifiers will have 2 rounds on hard difficulty followed by one round on expert, the 8 players who score the highest will qualify for the top 8 and get into the prizes.
The top 8 will consist of two expert rounds and one on expert+ each round the bottom half of the scores will be knocked out.

Qualifer Rounds:
Round 1: Hard
Round 2: Hard
Round 3: Expert

Top 8 Knockout:
Round 1: Expert
Round 2: Expert
Round 3: Expert+

1st: £50 Vertigo VR Gift Voucher, large beat saber plushie and a trophy!
2nd: £30 Vertigo VR Gift Voucher and a small beat saber plushie.
3rd-4th: £20 Vertigo VR Gift Voucher
5th-8th: £10 Vertigo VR Gift Voucher

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