January 16, 2020

Mini Monsters S.E.N Sessions

Family and friends are all welcome to join in the fun with the freedom and comfort of knowing that this time is suited to them. In a more relaxed environment there is something for all ages , and full use of the facilities means that even the most energetic will be occupied.

*Mini Monsters accept Short Breaks Vouchers in Milton Keynes only.

Upcoming sessions:

15th January 4-6pm

27th January 10-12 midday

19th February 4-6pm

25th February 10-12 midday

18th March 4-6pm

24th March 10-12 midday

15th April 4-6pm

28th April 10-12 midday

20th May 4-6pm

26th May 10-12 midday

17th June 4-6pm

23rd June 10-12 midday

15th July 4-6pm

21st July 10-12 midday

19th August 4-6pm

25th August 10-12 midday

16th September 4-6pm

22nd September 10-12 midday

21st October 4-6pm

27th October 10-12 midday

18th November 4-6pm

24th November 10-12 midday

16th December 4-6pm

22nd December 10-12 midday

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