August 3, 2020

Welcoming you back to 12th street

It’s been a while… but we are delighted to welcome you back with open arms! Here are a few things we are doing to keep you safe.


You’re free to wander about 12th street as you see fit. Fortunately for us, the virus has a hard time spreading outside, and because of this, you won’t need to worry about walking across from one venue to the next as long as you’re taking the relevant precautions, as instructed, when entering individual venues across 12th street. 


Following on from our previous point about 12th street being largely open air, we’d like to ensure our customers (both new and existing) that the majority of our bars and restaurants have outdoor seating facilities available should they prefer to sit outside. 


If you’ve been to a venue of any kind recently, you’ve likely seen these bad boys dotted around. Our establishments are no different, when you come to visit us, you’ll find a sanitising station clearly marked within the entrance of our venues. We ask that you always use them to clean your hands thoroughly when entering the premises. 


As part of a new set of safety precautions outlined for venues across the UK, Customers will be encouraged to book in advance and order food and drink direct to their tables through a smartphone app/mobile site. This minimises contact between both staff members and the customer ensuring that your visit is both safe and as contact-free as possible for both parties. 


Probably getting sick of this phrase by now, right? Each and every one of our tenants will be doing their utmost to keep customers and staff as separated as possible in-line with current government guidelines. 


The biggest change in how our tenants will be keeping their venues clean is the frequency in which cleaning happens. Anything either customers or staff members are likely to come in contact with will be subject to heightened and vigorous cleaning standards. 

Stay safe and enjoy your time at 12th street!

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